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Searching for candle companies?

The search can be tedious for sure, especially if you're shopping online and can't smell what you're purchasing.

At, we take the guesswork out of candle shopping. How? Because we love candles and purchase them from all over the country... then, report our findings and opinions to you in helpful unbiased and entertaining reviews. If we love, we scream it from the rooftops, if we don't, well, we report that too.

We have three different directories ready to explore!

1. Check out our amazing directory full of candle companies listed in alphabetical order and by state. Click on the link above or look for the link in the header on every page on Candlefind.

2. Our review board where hundreds upon hundreds of companies are listed in alphabetical order. You can simply read or write your own reviews. This is a great resource for all candle lovers!

3. Our candle forum also has a huge directory where we list candle companies by alphabetical order. This is available to active members which is very easy to do. We'd love to see you there!







Best Scented Candles - Editors picks page

A great place to start your search would be our Editor's picks page where each reviewer on Candlefind (more coming) lists who our favorite companies are in many different categories. These are tried and true companies we love. Check it out. 

Candle Reviews

We've posted hundreds of reviews ready and waiting to be read. They are listed under each reviewer for easy indexing and searching. We review companies across the board from big name brands to small mom and pop sites. There are some great ones out there waiting to be discovered. Click here to the main page of our candle review section.

Candle Review Board

Tried many companies yourself and want to share your experiences with other candle lovers? We host a review board where you can be the reviewer and post what your thoughts and experiences were with just about every company in existence. And if you don't see a company listed, let us know and we'll add it for you. Easy peasy!! Check out our review board... signing up is easy and fast.

Candle Forum

And last but certainly not least is our candle community forum where you can meet and chat with like minded candle lovers. With over a thousand members and counting, it's quite a fun place to hang out... especially if you love getting enabled. The scented world of wax is a fun addiction and what better way to fall down the rabbit hole than with like minded friends. Please, come join us!! 

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